Homesteading is not as sexy as it sounds

14 thoughts on “Homesteading is not as sexy as it sounds”

  1. Step 1 kill as many rats as possible laughs classic stuff. We to had a rat problem in our coop and after the traps could not keep up we went in the direction of a chicken feeder that the chickens open via a leaver that they stand on its called the chooketeria works a treat


  2. You hit the homesteading “nail” on the head. It is definitely hard work, and it’s definitely not always pretty. But, there is something so satisfying down in one’s soul when you stand back and can say, “I did this”, “I made this”. It gives you a greater appreciation for what is around you.

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  3. I’m facing rats now, they killed all the quail, and are all over the place. It’s creepy and then on a more childish view reminds me of the secret of nyhm. They have made it into every building on the property including the farmhouse.


    1. Oh no. Rats are a serious nemesis. We waged our war on them for weeks with different traps and baits, carefully sealed animal feed, fortified structures, etc, but they always found a way. Unfortunately, we had to resort to poison, though I felt sick about it, and it was challenging to do without endangering other farm animals. It did quickly eliminate the problem though, and we tried everything else first.

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      1. I have a feeling that we are going to have to do the same here. We’ve live traps set in cupboards and over their holes in floor in house. My husband destroyed one of my good barrels shooting them in it. I’m frightened because everything here seems ton think they are free range 90% of the time.


  4. So true. We are in the early stages, and I’m realizing I’ve focused largely on the results and not the process. Now that the process is beginning… Let’s just say I’ve given up on manicures. We have mice, not rats, and so far our barn cat, Popcorn, has been managing things. Here’s hoping it stays that way.


    1. Very well said! I’m a very results oriented person, so it’s hard for me to enjoy the journey for what it is. It’s a lesson I’ll be learning for as long as we’re homesteading.

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