The moment Bellfern began

3 thoughts on “The moment Bellfern began”

  1. Thanks for sharing your story. We have a great story about finding our farm as well but I’ll just say that we know the feeling of seeing it and knowing it was the right place – we were so certain that we bought and planted 9 fruit trees on the property (with the seller’s permission)before we closed on our farm.

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  2. I love the term “origin story”. I’m a long-time gardener and always get that question from people who claim they don’t have a green thumb, asking me how I do it. And I remember when I got one of those awful upside down hanging ” topsy-turvy” tomato planters… While I had grown herbs in pots in the past and roses and tulips in the ground, I consider this goofy purchased my first foray into being a real gardener. Now many years later, with ducks in the backyard and a beehive and tons of fruits and veggies crammed into a 50×100 lot, it makes me giggle.

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