Home butchering the homestead pig

6 thoughts on “Home butchering the homestead pig”

  1. I am so impressed with your butchering and your narrative! Well done!

    On Sun, Oct 7, 2018 at 12:00 PM Bellfern Homestead wrote:

    > Gwen. posted: “At the beginning of September, over the course of 3 very > long days, we butchered our first pig on the farm. I’ve been struggling to > write this story because I couldn’t think of a way to make it engaging or > funny. But Josh helpfully pointed out that wit an” >


  2. Congratulations! We’re getting our “pre-killed” pig in a couple of weeks to do the same – although they’ll be scalding and eviscerating for us on this one. Did you save the blood for blood sausage (boudin noir) along with the head for guanciale, etc.? VERY jealous of all the leaf lard you got out of your piggie! Congrats :)))


    1. We didn’t keep the blood. It seemed like a lot of extra work for a food I didn’t expect to like. The blood went back to the soil. We boiled the head to make scrapple, which turned out amazing due to the high fat content of those big cheeks.


      1. Scrapple – awesome! (BTW – When Dan did the class on Vashon, within seconds of the kill shot they went down to the ground with bowl to cut the artery and put a shallow pan under it to collect the blood, so he said that was actually pretty fast.)


      1. Yeah we weren’t sure if it’d be possible but basically we’re paying what restaurants would pay for – since the mobile slaughter guy won’t make any money on doing the butchery, we had to pay an extra $50 I think for the privilege, but being able to do our own butchery solo is going to be worth it so we’re prepared for next year when we raise our own. PS – after I read your post I ran out to the barn to tell my husband that we now have something we can do with the metal barrel I have been hanging onto in the garage 🙂

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