Spring projects: piglets and kitchen remodel

11 thoughts on “Spring projects: piglets and kitchen remodel”

  1. It looks wonderful!! I’m so impressed as it’s not just the elbow grease but the vision’ing that seems beyond me. Looking forward to see it in real life next month.

    Doesn’t feel like we’re going to NYC yet–but we are on Wed. My plan to launder then pack yesterday hit a slight snag as (in addition to shrinking my favorite sweater that I’ll no longer be taking) the weather looks like it’s taking a turn for the 80’s out there so I need to find some lighter wear.

    Till soon : )


    +++ egbok

    “What does the Lord require of you? Seek justice, love mercy, walk humbly with your God.” (Micah 6:8)


  2. Loved reading your blog this morning with my cup of coffee :^) Felt like I was right there with you! Yes, I even watched the video about how to castrate a pig.

    Love, Mom


  3. That slab alone is definitely glorious! The turquoise cracked me up as it reminds me of when I was first taking apart our kitchen cabinets and found they had wallpapered – clearly in the late 60s or 1970s- in an “insane asylum” yellow, orange and red and white rooster print.



      1. Oh my! It’s so 60s! Hard to imagine anyone thinking, “yes, this will look great.” But that was probably on-trend.


      2. Oh yeah and after my husband moved into this house (I bought it well before we were ever married) he pointed out to me that nearly every wall in the house was actually wallpaper underneath the paint. Can’t believe I never noticed the seams! No way in hell is that ever coming out though!


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