When homesteading sucks

11 thoughts on “When homesteading sucks”

  1. I wish I saw more posts like this. There is always a downside to all the positivity and if we don’t know it, we are likely to make the same mistakes! Thank you so much for sharing, sorry for the misfortune you’ve found yourself in!


  2. Ahhh yes… we were blessed with picking up an American Guinea Hog that came with MANGE. And then on top of all that, it turned out not to be a guinea hog after all, after impregnating our 3 boars.. and of course passing on mange to everyone else! So frustrating! Tell it like it is sister!

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  3. Ooooh. Worms.
    Pork spaghetti.
    All new animals get dewormed asap at my place. Especially runts.
    We had a runt with worms so bad we thought she was dying. There were no signs of worms in her poo.
    Ivermectin de-wormed her real good.
    Few days later she was back to normal.
    Few weeks she was already packing weight back on.
    Thanks for another good write up.


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