Farm Dogs and the Learning Curve

6 thoughts on “Farm Dogs and the Learning Curve”

  1. I mean, it sounds to me like if it’s not that big of a deal to touch it might not be the correct fencing for pigs. 😛 They have an extremely high tolerance for such things, and so do some dogs.


    1. Yes, they do. Our problem is getting adequate charge to the fence. We have a very beefy energizer powering the perimeter wire – maybe 1-2 miles of wire. The energizer can charge 30 miles up to 12k volts under ideal conditions. But that’s the problem. Tall brush touching the fence and dry soil drastically decrease the charge, so by the time it reaches the pig fence, the voltage is down to 2-3k. It’s not realistic to weed whack the whole fence line. We’re improving our grounding rods, though, which should help.


      1. Hog farm daughter here, again. Hogs are the SMART, SMARTER, SMARTEST of animals and they have a knack for getting out when it is most inconvenient. Sunday morning when we were trying to get ready for church was a prime time.


      2. Yes, this is the point that everyone warned us about, and it’s proving to be true. The funny thing is, no sooner are they out of their fencing than they usually want back in…


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