Growing up as farmers and processing our own pork

5 thoughts on “Growing up as farmers and processing our own pork”

  1. My husband went to the Farmstead Meatsmith workshop on Vashon this spring as he’d done everything but the actual slaughter and found it to be a great experience (the price tag was crazy high so it was definitely a special occasion). This year since we don’t have the setup yet to raise any, we’re buying a freshly slaughtered pig from a neighboring farm and Dan is going to do the butchery in our garage. I watched one of the farmsmith videos and for me I found the most interesting part was that I was less freaked out by the killing and way more emotional at the hanging and evisceration. Maybe it’s growing up in a TV society, I dunno …


    1. I would love to attend their 3-day workshop, but yes, it’s REALLY expensive! There are a couple of other butchery class options in NW Washington, but the timing never worked out for us. I would still like to take a hands-on class to learn how to properly break down the carcass. I have no idea how to debone a shoulder without making a mess of it, in spite of the numerous YouTube videos I watched on the subject!


      1. Dan did the 2-day Portland Meat Collective pig butchery & charcuterie course and LOVED it – he got so much out of it as I believe there were only around 8 students allowed so I think he said it was 2 people per pig to break down, so he got really hands-on… AND they sent him home with like 35 pounds of pork! Have you checked out the Seattle Meat Collective?

        BTW – Farmstead Meatsmith was kind of shifty in my opinion as they had the class cutting up the pork that FM were in turn selling to their CSA customers…yet students paying $1200 for the class only got 3 lbs of sausage to take home from the 3 day workshop. It was a good experience either way since Dan had never seen the slaughter / evisceration part which was important (and they drained the blood for blood sausage which was pretty cool) but including paying for an Airbnb nearby it wasn’t cheap and wasn’t something he’d do again.


  2. Hm, thanks for that perspective. That makes me feel better about not being able to attend the FM class. I’m on the mailing list for the Seattle Meat Collective class, but it’s only offered 3x a year, and as it happens, each of the past 3 years I’ve been out of state traveling for my day job, and haven’t been able to attend. I’m still hoping we can get there.


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