Some homesteading skills are more fun than others

10 thoughts on “Some homesteading skills are more fun than others”

    1. Yes, good point. It had an impacted crop, probably from eating too fat. The feed was a solid mass in the crop, and the chicken couldn’t move it through. We also lost a couple to ascites.

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      1. Thanks! I didn’t know that could happen though it sounds unpreventable. We had one adult duck drown our first year – something very unexpected.


  1. No…I beg to differ.
    You ARE amazing/fascinating/impressive.
    Don’t sell yourself short. If course anyone can do many things that other people can do. Many go thru the motions. Others love it, and have a real interest that shows something different. It shows an enjoyment, and real interest.
    Those are the aforementioned.
    Again, thanks for writing about it.
    It’s pretty impressive, fascinating, and, amazing!

    I think I’d like to meet those piggys!

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  2. Speaking as one who has had her teeth rattled by a hog as I held tight to that hind leg, Josh has my sympathy. I’ve also stood with tears streaming down my face as I dutifully manned the antesptic spray during castration. Nothing makes noise like an unhappy hog. For the record, my grandpa said I shouldn’t be there. My father insisted I stay and do my job, hence my dutiful but teary self. My grandpa finally looked at me, and in an unusual fashion, overruled my father’s authority and told me to go back to the house. I scurried out of there and didn’t look back.
    Hogs? You have my sympathy…no, my empathy.

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  3. I will be needing to learn how to castrate piglets soon by sometime next spring as well. I would love to read an article on it if you have done it yet. I’ve read some basic how to’s, but the more knowledge the better.


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