8 weeks to chicken dinner

6 thoughts on “8 weeks to chicken dinner”

  1. Well written post. I agree, cornish cross are not gross or unnatural, it’s the commercial growering operations that are gross and unnatural.

    Was there a specific reason you couldn’t wait longer to harvest them? Let them get a bigger? We ran our last batch to almost 9 weeks to get them to a respectable weight.

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    1. Yes, that’s a good question and something I should have mentioned. We have a chicken-processing equipment co-op in our county where we can rent killing cones, a large scalder, and a drum-style plucker for a very reasonable price. But because it’s chicken season, the reservation calendar is almost completely full, and because I work full-time, I can’t be super flexible about grabbing an open Wednesday, for example. We couldn’t hold them another month, and it was more than I wanted to scald and pluck by hand, so we had to just go ahead with it.


    1. No, it isn’t custom, but it is soy-free, and I’ve heard it can be hard to get the protein and amino acids high enough without it. It’s tough though, because many of our customers really don’t want soy-fed chicken.


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