Underestimating the determination of a bored pig

9 thoughts on “Underestimating the determination of a bored pig”

  1. I hope that you get your drama free month! I get the animals getting out happens sometimes (we once had some neighborhood kids open all our gates for fun, we filed a police report and now we have padlocks!) so I’m sympathetic. I think the animal shelter is serving it’s role very well in this case, though, keeping the peace. Your animals are alive, but they could have really wrecked someone’s gardens, fields, whathaveyou. I can just imagine how cranky I’d be if a pair of piggers ate all my carefully planted corn, just about starting to be real plants right now… But instead of having a barbeque, they’d get sent to the shelter by me too with the hopes that a steep shelter fine would keep them from comin’ around again. Looks like that was effective in your case. So, now you’ve got a second chance at baby pigs and lesson learned, right? Next time you know in advance to spend an extra $135 on your fencing so you don’t have to pay it at the shelter! And it all came out alright in the end.


  2. I’d love to meet Eliza and Hypatia!
    They seem to be a couple of cool ladies! Expensive antics, but some of the best things in life are!

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  3. Sounds like an adventure! We just got our first pigs a couple weeks ago and I went straight to one electric wire inside the fence! I don’t trust the way they looked at the fence 😉
    Glad you got them all back home safe and sound!

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