101 Uses for Pallets on the Homestead: #1-3

5 thoughts on “101 Uses for Pallets on the Homestead: #1-3”

  1. We use pallets all the time! As long as you see that mystical “HT” stamp you’re good to go! We’ve built raised planter boxes for fruit trees, pig house and sheep shelter…. everything with pallets! Nothing like free wood!


      1. Yup! HT means it wasn’t chemically treated (the concern of the wood carrying insects so it was treated to kill the insects so they don’t get transported into another country), so then the only concern you have is what was transported on the pallet and potentially leaked out.. or where it was stored. But generally you aren’t picking up your pallets from a chemical company so we use just HT ones here, sourced from the hardware store. We check for the HT symbol and if it looks like it’s been leaked on or not! If it’s clean, and we see the symbol, it’s building time!

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