It’s the rainy season.

4 thoughts on “It’s the rainy season.”

  1. I think you could do the butchering. It’s the knocking I can’t handle. But I think it’s also a good sign of our humanity being intact. It really shouldn’t be a morally “easy” task.

    I didn’t realize that anyone’s farm was as wet as ours! At least the ducks like it!!

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    1. I absolutely agree, butchering and hunting shouldn’t be “easy.” But animals feed us, and I’m grateful. Do you ever do workshops on AGH butchering? I would really love to see this done in person and have an opportunity to ask questions before I take it on.


  2. I really look forward to your post, you both write well. I hear you on the narrative choice. I grow avocados in San Diego and would love the rain. Until the trees started falling over and hill slides and roads washed out… So stay positive, keep sharing your story and I look forward to the next update.


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