The Books That Make Us

11 thoughts on “The Books That Make Us”

  1. I have thought often about how my favorite books influenced me. Many of my values and attitudes were impacted I’m certain. “The Family Nobody Wanted”, “Karen”, “Mrs. Mike”, “Anne of Greene Gables”, and even Nancy Drew. (I swear I learned some sort of thinking and logic skills from reading so many.) Little House books didn’t make me into a homesteader. I’m not even a gardener, other than ornamentals. Instead they made me a lover of history and I’m sure they impacted my attitudes. “Make hay while the sun shines” Make the best of what you have in tough times (Long Winter). Actually, all of them were part of shaping my determination to keep going no matter what; that contentment comes from things beyond circumstances.


    1. Yes, I’d add Anne of Greene Gables and the American Girl series to my list of formative books. It’s true that the LHOP books don’t make everyone a homesteader, but I think they influenced the values of nearly everyone who read them.


  2. Ironically, I didn’t have any interest in the LHOTP books, and I wanted to punch Nellie out on the TV show 🙂 The only “YA” type of book I ever read was the Black Stallion series – and I’m definitely not a jockey now, hahaha…everything else I read was grown-up stuff from a very young age. I grew up in the ‘burbs but my mom always had a huge garden, and at my dad’s he was a big rose lover, so I got both the gardening and flower things from them I suppose, but beyond my horse camp summers growing up, was never around farm animals – wasn’t actually til my neighbors got chickens and ducks that I even was exposed to them, the city girl I was!


      1. Beyond my environment growing up, probably just living in Portland where it’s a really naturally sustainable type of town anyhow – not seen as unusual to have a garden, or backyard bees/poultry/goats/etc., or live car-free (I did for 9 years, my husband didn’t even get a license until he was 47). I remember a blogger in Virginia telling me that she brought her own bag to the grocery store and they looked at it and said “what’s this for?” 🙂

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  3. The Little House series were some of my favorite books as a kid. I loved both Little House in the Big Woods and Farmer Boy. I recently reread them a couple of years ago, and couldn’t help but think that I couldn’t wait to share the love of them with my daughter, who’s now 5.
    – Christine

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  4. Here I am 58 and I’ve never read the Little House series, though I still watch the series on television in syndication. I don’t know why I never read it as a child, I always loved (and still do) to read. I think it is definitely going on my bucket list. Homesteading came to life in my heart as an adult and I love my lifestyle of canning and raising chickens and sending my husband off for his hunts. Repurposing has always been a way of life since I was a kid. Though it may not be for everyone, homesteading is my heart. Ah, what a way to live!!!


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