Oh my scrapple, we’re homesteading now

7 thoughts on “Oh my scrapple, we’re homesteading now”

  1. Ha! That’s hilarious. It wasn’t as bad as I feared, and would have been even easier if I wasn’t attached to the animal. And scrapple is really, so, so good.


  2. The chef (husband) actually made head cheese and it was amazing! Although the boiling of the head for 8 hours, I will say is the creepiest. He just used the cheek meat – no brain or tongue – and it was amazing on crustinies with grainy mustard! Told him about your adventure (and recipe), and he’s excited to try it! Thanks for that!


  3. Maybe I should get brave and see what’s actually involved in head cheese. I remember seeing it in the grocery store and and being horrified about the chunks!


  4. Hahaha that’s awesome and exactly what the expression on my face would look like as well. My husband mentioned making scrapple just a few days ago for the first time and I think it sounds awesome, but yeah scraping the face off is a bit too Silence of the Lambs II for me (you know that scene with Ray Liotta and Anthony Hopkins that involves brains?).

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