Food for thought: antibiotics vs. organic meat

5 thoughts on “Food for thought: antibiotics vs. organic meat”

  1. Nice article. I remember years ago at a farmers market there was one farmer who was using an alternative certification from CCOF. The claim was that they believed that instead of being purely organic, it was better to take a lifecycle analysis of all the products and methods being used and utilized the stuff that has the least overall impact on the earth.

    It was an interesting premise which made some sense though I never researched to see if it was sincere or BS. But what struck me during my conversation with him, was a woman who walked up to him, asked “Are you organic?” and he responded “No, but…” and she had already started walking to the next stall!

    Sorry you were so poorly treated by some of the dogmatic fanatics on the forums. And yes, I agree, wait and see is makes sense, but eventually caring for the animal in its time with us is the humane way to approach the issue.

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  2. Thank you for the very thoughtful article. My husband and I plan to grow guinea hogs on our property for personal use, and maybe some trading. He is always joking about my “damn organic gardening”. We good naturedly discuss options and benefits of all manner of raising food for ourselves. I am not opposed to small doses or one time usages of things like antibiotics. I know that if an animal of ours gets sick we will dose it with something to make it better. As you said, 1/4 of your production is ALOT. If I am willing to give myself an antibiotic, why not an animal. I believe it is the constant pumping of drugs into an already healthy animal that is the problem. I had not even thought that given an animal one dose when it is sick would automatically remove the “organic” label. Since I am not selling mine, I am glad I don’t have to worry about such dogma.

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  3. This is a great article for everyone to read. It shows the real dilemma farmers, ranchers, and anyone growing there own food face when an animal gets sick. Glad to hear that Big Boy made a full recovery!


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